Networking Your Way to Your Dream Job

I just came back from my family reunion. It was a smaller affair with just over 60 people (our last reunion had close to 140!). Yet it was a wonderful experience to connect with my family. One story in particular I think is worth sharing.

Steven, one of my cousin’s kids, landed a job with a large U.S. tech firm as a Senior Software Developer. As a career coach I’m always interested in how people get their jobs. Here’s his story… he was working for a small tech firm in the Okanagan. He attended a tech conference in San Francisco and was wearing his company’s t-shirt when someone from one of the tech giants recognized the company and approached him. Steve showed great interest in this person and asked him some good questions around the company and its projects. Shortly after the fellow came back and introduced Steven to some of his teammates. Steven shared his contact info and several days later was offered a phone interview. Soon after Steven was flown to California for two more interviews. Steven was nervous as he didn’t have the education nor knowledge of one of the programming languages the tech giant wanted. Yet he had done his research on the company and was honest and authentic about what he knew and didn’t – and how he could learn what was needed. Steven has now been working there over two years and loving it.

His advice? Be honest, be authentic, attend conferences, watch TED talks, check out YouTube videos for your area, network and learn what drives you. Find ways to stand out. Find out what the gaps are if you will be working as part of a team.

Networking is often the best way to find your dream job. People like to help each other out. Reach out to family, friends, past colleagues and bosses, associations and your LinkedIn network  – to name a few. Make a list of potential contacts, conferences, talks or events and get started now. 

Want more details on the best ways make networking really work for you in your career? Want to make some changes in your career or life, and need some support to do it?

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