Welcome to My Blog! Introducing My Family…


Hello everyone, my name is Mary Kruger and my company is called MLK Coaching. This is my first effort at writing a blog, so don’t judge too harshly! Who am I? Well, first and foremost I’m a mother, a mom to the core. In the picture is one of my babies, Leah. Ok, Leah is a grown and married women now, but I will always think of her and her sister, Jessica as my babies. Leah lives in Maine, US with her husband, Jon, on a sailboat named Brio. You can check out Leah’s blog at to see what she is up to. Leah bought her sailboat in Mexico and she and Jon sailed Brio through the Panama Canal, up the Inter Coastal Waterway to Maine. Sailing is in Leah’s blood as she has been on a sailboat in one way or another since she was 18 months old.

Leah and Dave

Next to Leah is my husband of 33-1/2 years Dave. Would you believe Dave and I met “cruising”. For those of you who have seen American Grafitti – I know I’m dating myself, cruising is where people go up and down the main drag (road) of a town Fri/Sat nights, looking to connect with guys/gals. Yup that’s how I met Dave at the tender age of 16. We started dating soon after meeting in Vernon, and the rest well is history. Together we have shared a lot of ups and downs including sailing around the world in our 41′ sailboat Synchronicity, the death of our second child at birth, Julie, and the injury of our third child Jessica. Together we are stronger from life’s challenges and have learned to lean on each other when things get rough. I am very grateful for this man and his strength and commitment to our family and I.

Jess Playing Rugby AKA Murderball

Jessica is the baby of the family, though at 23 she is definitely her own woman. If you read my website you will know that Jess became a quadriplegic after a tragic accident two weeks after her 15th birthday. Jess has rose from this into an independent woman, an amazing athlete, and a baker. Jess is on the BC Wheelchair Rugby team and trains daily. She is one of only a handful of woman that play rugby in this mix-gender sport. Check out her cakes at Jess now lives on her own and speaks for both WorkSafe BC and the Rick Hansen Foundation inspiring others. More on that transition for me later.

So on this Valentine’s Day I want to reach out to my family and say I love you, each and everyone one of you, and am proud and in awe of each of you and what you have accomplished in your lives so far. Family is everything to me and I wouldn’t have the life I do if it wasn’t for each of you.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day!