Here’s a sample of the results my clients are experiencing…

I found Mary through an online coaching portal. I was intrigued by her profile because everything she listed resonated with me. I was stuck, dreading Mondays, and needed a career change but I had no idea what to search for.

From our first conversation I knew Mary would be the right coach for me. She was compassionate, knowledgeable, and really, truly listened. For the first time (in a long while) I felt seen and heard and also didn’t realize how much of my own thoughts and emotions I was hiding from myself. The positive intelligence program was a major component to this “awakening” and gave me the tools I needed to get out of the rut I was in.

Mary’s coaching gave me the confidence and awareness to pursue an entirely new career path, while equipping me with tools to navigate my current job. Instead of quitting (which wasn’t an option for me), she provided guidance to help me determine what I needed from my employer in order to feel more balanced and to protect my new venture. Thanks to Mary, I am feeling more in control of my work life and am finally on a path that I have created (not someone else). I would highly recommend working with Mary if you are burnt out, lost, or generally feeling imbalanced with your work and personal life. She knows what she’s doing and will help you transform your life. Suzanne, Marketing Professional

Mary coached me through a time of significant transition: leaving my job of 25 years, my two daughters graduating from high school and college, moving, and a pandemic! I really didn’t know what I was going to do next, and Mary helped me by asking me to clarify, articulate, and prioritize my values. She asked questions just as a great teacher should: broad enough for me to layer in my own meaning, but specific enough to guide me to an answer. I also really appreciated that she asked how I prefer to work and learn and then delivered that kind of experience. Essentially, Mary created the perfect environment for me to grow! This is a unique skill and I’m grateful for her wisdom, thoughtfulness, and calm guidance. If I hadn’t gone through this coaching, there’s no way I would have considered starting my own business. Mary has my wholehearted, enthusiastic recommendation! – Stephanie Farley, Seasoned Educator

Coach Mary is a perfect fit for me as she is a good listener (to the spoken and unspoken words) and she’s willing to hold me accountable.  She is my personal trainer for my mind and my soul.  I was concerned about doing coaching over the phone but have benefited from it in so many ways – especially with the flexibility of having her on speaker phone.  It enables me to make my notes or take part in the activities, and, to take part while on the road, if needed. My life before Coach Mary was lacking clear direction and filled with doubt and negativity. We continue to change that together as a team. I am at my personal best emotionally, spiritually, physically and soulfully because Mary continues to challenge me and cheer me on.  She’s giving me tools to live, react, play, and retreat differently than I’m used to while focusing on God’s love in all. From those tools, I have gained confidence and clarity in my work in the church, in my family, and in living a balanced life.  And often, a spark will ignite sermon ideas and themes – which is a fabulous benefit.  I highly recommend Mary to anyone seeking to be the best they can be, and she continues to surpass all my expectations. – Janet Jones, Pastor, The United Church of Canada

Working with Mary has been an excellent experience. Mary’s approach to
coaching is not just about the profession, but takes all of my life values and goals into consideration. Her coaching style is to constantly ask questions to help me work through the issue – she listens exceptionally well and encourages me to talk through the challenges I face as a small business owner. She is exceptional at helping me think outside of the box. Mary is professional, thoughtful, encouraging and genuine. She has held me accountable to myself, and has helped me focus on what’s really important in my life. I highly recommend Mary as a business coach!
-Erin, Professional Photographer

Mary is extremely thoughtful, insightful, thorough and experienced, knowing just when to listen, when to ask the hard questions and when to offer advice! Mary’s ability to pinpoint the root issue, and use the right approach to building a plan and execute really helped me in planning a cross-continent move that would impact my career! With her genuine and personal approach I was able to wrap my head around a life altering decision, and create a manageable path to turning a dream into a reality!  I really looked forward to our sessions and absolutely recommend her services!
– Sanja, VP Sales

With coaching, Mary was always willing to challenge me – whether through looking at a situation from a different perspective, trying a new tact, or getting me to do something I’m not immediately comfortable with. She was always able to propose these ideas in ways that made them seem like a natural progression of one of my existing skills/strengths – she has a great ability to see what you excel at and build from that point. This was a really comfortable way to break into professional coaching. I really can’t recommend Mary enough.
– Seth P, Employee Development Advisor, Enmax

Mary is a great coach. She is an active listener who always has something profound to say. She is great at holding you accountable to the goals you’ve set. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to create positive change in their life.
– Byron G., Paralympic Athlete / Civil Engineer

I came away from my session with Mary with far more than I anticipated. She is a gifted coach and a master at asking the big questions. In one session I was able to uncover the wealth of valuable skills and attributes I have to offer. Anyone thinking about changing jobs or careers would greatly benefit from working with Mary.
– Sandra M., Intuitive Life Coach

Mary is a fantastic Coach. She made it easy for me, to be completely honest with her. Even though we never met in person it was easy to trust her and talk to her about very personal matters. She is professional and open-minded. She’s a very positive person with lots of energy, which automatically had a energizing effect on me in every session. Mary has a wealth of tools. In every single session she gave me clarity on whatever I brought to the session.

I hired Mary as my “certification coach” to get my ACC from the International Coaching Federation. I worked with Mary over about 4 months. The coaching with Mary really helped me develop my coaching skills further and prepare for the exam with the ICF and pass the exam. Through our coaching I gained some other unexpected and incredibly useful insights. The results of our coaching were priceless.”
– Philip, Executive Coach & Consultant, Switzerland/London

Mary is truly a gifted and insightful career coach with tremendous experience and knowledge on how to work with someone going through a career transition. She makes you feel very comfortable and safe and gets to the root of what you want and what’s holding you back. I gained  greater clarity and confidence working with Mary, along with an action plan and a strategy personalized to my career goals and life pursuits.  I would recommend Mary to anyone going through a career or life transition.
– Erin, Marketing & Sale Executive

The time spent with Mary has left me with skills and knowledge that will continue to pay dividends throughout my new career. Her advice helped me land a great job and negotiate a 25% higher salary with confidence. She helped me define my values and put me on a path to figuring out what I wanted out of a career, and I can say that I’m finally in a place I really, really want to be.

The time spent with Mary has already paid for itself about 12x over this YEAR alone, and I came out of it knowing more about myself than I ever have. Why not invest in yourself? Not a penny wasted with MLK.
Thanks, Mary.
– Daniel Henderson, North American Sales Coordinator

After experiencing months of personal and professional stress resulting in uncertainty in both realms, a friend of mine suggested I speak with Mary. At first I was skeptical of the idea, a life coach? Professional coach? Help? Why do I need that? Also, living in my new found financial uncertainty, it was initially difficult to justify the expense. But, I decided to go ahead and take the time to see if Mary would be a person with whom I was comfortable speaking to. Turns out, she’s amazing and I adored her after the initial session. So, I decided to go ahead and give myself permission to invest in myself.

After the initial three months, I can confidently say it has been a positive and worthwhile investment. Mary wants to know who you are and what you are looking for, even if your answer is “I don’t know yet”. Not to mention she wants you to succeed!

Mary challenged me to look at my events and stories from a different perspective. She challenged me to sit down and identify my values. All of which, you think you know you have, but until you actually write down and say out loud and answer the question “why?”, you haven’t really defined them.

These challenges were instrumental in focusing our time to prepare me to succeed in my professional goal of gaining full time employment. She reviewed resumes, discussed interview language, assisted in identifying what my next professional role could be, and most importantly, helped me harness some confidence that I had lost.

As a direct result of Mary’s coaching, I have been able to gain full time employment quicker than if I had attempted to refocus myself on my own. I highly recommend having a coach to provide guidance, challenges, and cheerleading to help you achieve your personal and/or professional goals. I look forward to continue engaging with her as I continue on my journey.
– Julie R, Project Manager/Business Analyst

Mary was a God send. When I first met Mary my life was upside down, I was living in transition healing from domestic abuse, trying to somehow move on with my life.

She helped me prioritize what was important in my life and professionally
she coached me to apply for my dream job (working) with domestic abuse women.

I learned many methods to guide me in the right direction. This included resumes, cover letters, interviews etc; but not only did she help me search for my dream job, she also helped me by always reminding me that I mattered, that I am important and capable to reach any goals and dreams! To believe in my self and go for it!

I am grateful to her forever. She is an amazing lady who is compassionate, caring and will help you reach your goals.

Thank you Mary for everything you have brought into my life. Thank you for believing in me and thank you for helping me reach my goals.
– Clare P., Care Aid

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began working with Mary but now that our sessions are over I am extremely grateful for all the advice and help she has given to me. The tools and methods she developed with me have certainly helped me figure out what my values and passions are and how I can best align them with my future career goals. Her style is engaging and responsive and really pushes you to be an active participant in your meetings; this isn’t something where you sit back and let her tell you what to do or how to think! I cannot recommend her enough!
– Will C., Environment Officer

Mary had an intuitive ability to get to ‘the quick’ of things and ask insightful questions that challenged me to dig deep to define my my core values and motivations. Through her patient listening and probing questions, I was able to articulate personal and career goals and gain clarity around decisions that needed to be made. I credit Mary with helping me maneuver a challenging course at a time when I felt the odds were against me! – Cleo J, Facilitator/Career Advisor

Mary understands that each individual is unique. She is very personable and a good listener. She reaches well beyond the surface in identifying challenges and finding solutions. She is able to discover and bring out the best in people. I highly recommend her. Mitra U., MBA, PMP, P.Eng, Senior Business Analyst at FortisBC

Mary has a unique way of uncovering your hidden strengths. Somehow she sees your own gifts before you even know they’re there. It’s a strength of hers that’s inspiring and empowering. Urszula L., Principal at Spruce Learning

I had excellent results working with Mary as my coach. The framework Mary uses for coaching is comfortable and effective, while she was engaging and flexible. This allowed our sessions an “organic” feel that really targeted the issues that were most important to me. Most significantly, Mary was insightful and understanding: I lacked the vocabulary to describe my thoughts/feelings/traits for certain topics, but together we fleshed out what I was going through. Coaching with Mary was a very positive experience for me. Zachary R., Lawyer

I was fortunate enough to have Mary coach me and the results were fantastic. I was at a point in my career where I felt I had lost control of what I wanted to achieve, but with her sessions I was able to figure out what it was that was stopping me from getting there. Mary is an incredible listener and very genuine; she tailors her sessions based on each individual. Each session had a huge impact on me and my outlook on my life. I highly recommend Mary as a coach- the skills and knowledge I have gained from her sessions are invaluable and have helped me to reach my personal career goals. Raj S., Corporate Store Manager, Bell

Mary has been an invaluable resource for me during a phase in my career where I was working below my potential and feeling ‘stuck’ in my current job. She helped me in practical tangible ways like giving me ideas on how to craft my application package, tips on how to communicate with potential employers to stand out, and how and when to negotiate salary and benefits that matched the value I felt I was bringing (something I had never felt comfortable doing). For me, however, the more powerful work was the coaching around my own personal beliefs and insecurities and how they were holding me back in my career.

Mary’s astute coaching helped me recognize the voices of doubt and resistance, and see how I was in my own way. Simple practices helped quiet these voices for good and I was able to walk into interviews with a confidence that I barely recognized in myself. Mary is firm but caring, and has a diverse and comprehensive set of skills that helped me navigate all of that on personal and practical levels. She is uncannily intuitive and seems to know which particular direction we need to go at any given time for me to get the most benefit from her. With her guidance I began to feel more confident in pushing my boundaries and create a strategy to move on, and up, in my career and ultimately my life. – SC, Vancouver

Working with Mary has enabled me to look inwardly at myself and pinpoint the roadblocks preventing me from realizing my full potential with my personal life and career ambitions. She has the ability to challenge your assumptions that embraces sensitivity and courage to be honest with yourself. Through her transparent and open coaching approach Mary works at building confidence in yourself all the while providing a framework of accountability that encourages you to take the necessary steps for meaningful and lasting change.

What was most unexpected about the coaching process for me was the indirect influence it has had on all aspects of my life. This is what makes Mary a very special coach—she encourages you to make changes in your life that indirectly invites change in others. Her organic and holistic approach to coaching allows you to explore deeply and freely your fears and doubts so you can better understand where the change can have the most impact on your life. Her passion for coaching resonates far beyond what I initially intended to work on when I first contacted Mary.

In the short time I have been working with Mary, she has taught me how to positively channel my career values and personal values in the choices that I exercise. The deep sense of self-awareness and accountability that Mary incorporates in the coaching process is the true catalyst that has enabled me to push through the fear and doubt and realize my FULL potential as a mother, wife, daughter, friend, sister and ambitious career woman.
Maxime, Business Operations Manager

Mary is a superb career coach. Before I started working with her, I was thoroughly unsatisfied with my professional life and utterly uncertain how to fix it. As a one-time struggling academic transitioning to the private sector, I had a PhD but no idea how to turn it to my advantage. With Mary’s guidance, I grew to better understand my strengths and my skills, was able to better articulate my interests and my long-term goals, and could start formulating strategies to attain them. Mary is professional, patient, insightful, and stimulating. She knows both how to encourage and motivate her clients, and how to keep them focused and accountable. She helped me turn my life around, and I cannot fully express my gratitude. I recommend her services most highly!
Blazej, Editor/Business Owner

The best decision I made when contemplating a career change was to hire Mary. She assisted me with every aspect of my self re-invention. From practical skills, like resume revisions, cover letters and thank you’s, to strategic career search and networking skills, to counseling me on how to define my core values, she was there every step of the way. The tools and skills she has given me have been so helpful, not just in my career life, but also my personal life. I am much more confident in knowing my overall worth and what skills I bring to the table. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to make a change, and I am so glad I have such a solid foundation for navigating any new challenges I seek down the road.
Jennifer S., Associate Director

After I spent 9 years in post-secondary education and almost 6 years in the fast paced tech sector, I had reached a transition point where I knew something was missing. I needed a change, though I didn’t know what kind and of what magnitude. Mary was exactly the person I needed to help me take a broader view of myself and my career so far. She helped me to recognize my core values and strengths and we worked over several months to chart an ongoing path towards finding new opportunities.

She fostered with me a renewed sense of self-awareness and direction and held me accountable as I set goals to accomplish in between each coaching session. It’s no secret that the best leaders in the world have great coaches and I only wish I had sought out and tapped into the benefits of coaching much earlier in my career. I don’t know how else I would have made such focussed progress in such a short time without someone whose experience demonstrates that she truly cares and understands. Mary has helped me to find confidence and clarity that I will continue to draw from as I carry on with my career journey, learning and living a fulfilling life overall.
– Gordon R., Tech Consultant

Over the past year, I had the pleasure of working with Mary on defining my career path. When we started working together, I felt unsure of the next steps to take and found her coaching to be valuable in uncovering career options that would be most meaningful to me. She takes the time to listen deeply and reflect back themes that I might have missed. She also is willing to have the tough conversations and hold space for me while I work through whatever is coming up. She’s a lovely person and a great coach. – Christine, Sr. Communications Professional

When I started my coaching relationship with Mary I asked her to help me build my 10-year retirement plan. At the time I was disillusioned with my business and my perspective to continue on the same path until hitting my retirement age. My financial retirement goals seemed out of reach. Through her skillful questioning and coaching I came to see an alternative path for my business and instead of winding it down, I relaunched it and grew revenues four-fold in year 2. Not only did Mary help me through these decisions and held me accountable to my implementation plan, she was also there when I went through difficult personal decisions. I am now in a much happier and more balanced place. Thank you Mary! And as you are heading on your trip around the world, be sure to know that I will miss your guidance and support.

– Petra, Business Owner