9 Ways To Move Ahead In Your Career


Often people want to progress in their careers. This can look different depending on the person. Some people want to move up the corporate ladder, others want to move out of their current job into another role and still others may want to have a new challenge within their organization. Here’s nine ways to move ahead in the company you currently work for.


  1. Take on extra projects. Show that you work more than your job description.


  1. Participate in activities outside of your job. Volunteer to lead the staff bbq or run a fundraiser.


  1. Tell your boss. Your boss can’t read your mind. Let them know that you are wanting to move ahead in your career. Ask them what steps you can take to make you a better candidate for future promotions. In the case where your boss is not supportive, look for a mentor that will support you. This is the person that has your back! They sing your praises, promote you to others, advocate for you, and provide support and feedback when you need it most.


  1. Build relationships. Acknowledge everyone in your office. Take the time to say hello to other colleagues. Even a quick smile, nod or how was your weekend can go along way to building relationships.


  1. Be positive. Be that person whose cup is half full, not empty. See the good in what is going on in your company. And look for the good in others. Building a gratitude habit can help you focus on the positive more.


  1. Network with everyone you meet. Learn from others -whether inside or outside of your place of work.


  1. Upgrade your education.Invest in your professional development. Courses, conferences and workshops can Increase your skill set and make you more marketable. It’s also a great place to network with other like-minded individuals.


  1. Don’t be a clock watcher. This doesn’t mean you have to work through your lunch everyday or put in hours of overtime. It means arrive a little early and leave on time or even a few minutes late. Offer to stay if a major project or other important or timely item needs taking care of.


  1. Ask for support – that might be hiring a career coach and/or enlisting family and friend’s help.


These are a few ways that can help you get noticed and hopefully help you move into the role you want. What ways have helped you change jobs? Share them in the comments below.