Patagonia, Chile – Seno Glacier

February 20, 2024 we motored as the sun emerged from a week long sleep. Ahead was the most exquisite sight I have ever seen. Words cannot do justice for what we saw. The Seno Glacier, one of Patagonia’s jewels. From a distance the glacier looked white. Upon closer inspection it was varying colours of blue, from light blue to cobalt.

We anchored Synchronicity and launched the dinghy to get a closer look. The bergie bits, broken off from the glacier were miniature works of art.

We found a small piece of ice about the size of a dinner plate floating. We scooped it up and have it safely tucked away in our little freezer for when we can share it with our family.

After our breathtaking visit of the Seno Glacier we settled back on Synchronicity to let the beauty of this place sink in.

This cascading falls kept us company overnight at anchor. A truly magical place.