The Complete Job Search Toolkit (for coaches)


  • Are you looking for a proven step-by-step process that effortlessly helps your clients get a job quickly and has them raving about you as a coach??
  • Are you looking for resources that you can use without you having to lift a finger to create them?


Job Search Toolkit

The Complete Job Search Toolkit For Coaches

Finally a program that can:

  • Help your clients get their dream job in record time and easier than ever
  • Get the most glowing testimonials from them raving about you
  • Receive more referrals than ever before from people willing to pay higher fees
  • Have an easy and proven job search system that is the answer to your prayers (and your clients!)
  • Exude confidence in helping your clients with the necessary steps to finding their dream job
  • AND teach them to negotiate even MORE money


You are absolutely, positively in the right place!

How do I know?

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About Mary Kruger

I work with coaches just like you so you can help your overwhelmed clients.

I’m the author of The Complete Job Search Toolkit for Coaches, a Noomii Career Expert, and an ICF Certified coach. Like you, I’m passionate about helping people and have successfully combined coaching with job search techniques – with over 1200 people.

With The Complete Job Search Toolkit For Coaches  – the hard work is done for you.

Whether you are a new career coach or have been coaching for years this proven and simple system will make you richer and give your clients the career and life they deserve!

Job Search Toolkit

Here’s what you will get in my toolkit:

  • Done for you templates, scripts and worksheets that are so brilliantly simple, anyone can use them!
  • Customizable checklists that will make your and your clients life easier
  • High impact strategies that will help your clients get jobs faster and easier
  • Step by step easy to follow instructions that even the newest coach can follow and learn
  • A straightforward and clear trainer’s guide that will walk you through a tested system and methodology – you will be using the program in no time
  • Proven formulas that work – including honing your clients’ interview skills, and ensuring their resume gets them in the door…
  • Helpful hints and proven approaches throughout – based on over 20 years experience as a job search expert, a certified coach/trainer, an international coaching website career blogger, and a curriculum designer

It’s like having your very own Job Search Coach in a Box!



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Live Kick-off call – Q & A

  • Bring your questions and you’ll get answers live from me – your career expert. (Replay will be available)
  • You’ll have exclusive access to my job search expertise.
  • I’ll show you how to use my simple program one step at a time. I’ll review the winning strategies to ensure both your and your clients’ success.

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Private Online Group

  • Here’s where I will personally answer your questions – take advantage of my wealth of experience and extensive job search knowledge, having worked with more than 1200 people
  • You’ll get job search tips and tricks and advice that you can pass onto your clients – without having to do any of the leg work yourself
  • You can post your unique client challenges and get answers quickly from a real career expert!

Mary says:
“Drawing on my over 20 years training and career coaching experience I have developed an easy step by step formula that I use with my clients to accelerate their job search and get their dream job. Now that system can be yours to use with your clients. You can take advantage of my successful results. It’s as easy as pie!”


When you get access to the Job Search Mechanics Toolkit for Coaches Program here’s what you will discover:

Module 1 – Values

[column-group][column]Your Benefits:

Simple to follow exercises that you can give your clients to identify their core values

Your Client Benefits:

Sets up your clients for great results and will leave them hungry to take the next module
No longer will your clients be in a job that doesn’t align with their values

With the program YOU are going to get client testimonials like this:[/column][column][/column][/column-group]

Module 2 – Networking

[column-group][column][/column][column] Your Benefits

You won’t have to beg your clients to go to networking events. They will jump at the opportunity to do so.

Your Client Benefits

Clients will know exactly what to say to people when they network to get results
They will feel excited to get out there and network – and their network will bloom![/column][/column-group]

Module 3 – Tapping into the Hidden Job Market

[column-group][column] Your Benefits

A new way to teach job searching. Exploring non-traditional ways and strategies to help your clients rise above the competition
Feeling confident teaching your clients how to call employers, get through and get the interview[/column][column]Your Client Benefits

By targeting where they really want to work and not relying on job boards and ads your clients will find companies that align with their values, interests and strengths
Resources that they never would have thought of that will guide them to their dream job
Your clients will hear yes’s from employers – yes to interviews![/column][/column-group]

Module 4 – Your Professional Career Marketing Package

[column-group][column]Your Benefits

Easy to follow resume, cover letter and reference templates that will show that you are the career expert
Checklists that will shout professionalism!

Your Client Benefits

Job interviews = Success
This module provides a complete marketing package that spells success including resume, cover letter and reference templates and samples, do’s and don’ts
As well as how references can be leveraged so that your clients get the job[/column][column]

Module 5 – Information Interviews – Your Ticket to Getting into the Door to the Employer

[column-group][column]Your Benefits

Done for you techniques that will have your clients hanging on your every word and wanting more[/column][column]Your Client Benefits

Everything is provided so your clients will excel at this strategy. Scripts, checklists and questions to ask employers – what more do you need?[/column][/column-group]

Module 6 – Rocking the Employment Interview – Strategies that are Proven to Work

[column-group][column][/column][column]Your Benefits

As easy as ABC – proven formulas that will give you everything you ever wanted to know (or didn’t!) about job interviews
Simple techniques that will have your clients hanging on your every word and wanting more

Your Client Benefits

Your clients will rock their interviews with these strategies. No longer will they be frightened going into interviews. Gone will be their anxiety and fear! Instead they will look forward to interviewing[/column][/column-group]

Module 7 – The Magic Sauce: Follow-up and Developing Your Career Portfolio

[column-group][column]Your Benefits

Tactics that will have your clients wishing the program wasn’t over soon
All the hard work done for you with paint by number ease[/column][column]Your Client Benefits

The secrets that will get you in the door and get you the job
A portfolio plan that will wow employers
Impactful scripts that say Hire Me![/column][/column-group]
Job Search Toolkit

= happier clients = more referrals = more clients = more income for you!

[/column][column]When you get this step-by-step system I unveil the secret weapons your clients need! Increased confidence, awareness and success to get their dream job!

When you purchase the Complete Job Search Toolkit For Coaches Program you will receive simple to follow, yet high impact, job search strategies your clients need to be successful. Based on 20 years in the coaching and training industries working with over 1200 people of all levels, I’ve taught people how to overcome the frustration, isolation and discouragement job search can bring with my fast and easy strategies.

Having made 3 successful career transitions, I get it! I have used these very same methods I will teach you.

With this program it is as simple as a paint by numbers set! Buy and you will be able to focus more on what you love to do most – coach your clients!

No longer will you have to worry about the how-to of job search.

This system provides all the resources you will need to get your clients working sooner – and get more money![/column][/column-group]

Purchase The Complete Job Search Toolkit For Coaches And Receive All This!


  • 7 Module Job Search Course
  • Trainer’s Guide
  • 4 months ongoing support with a private online group
  • Up to 2 hour kick-off call – direct access to me to ask questions
  • 4 group coaching calls



Negotiating Top Dollar Salaries

Imagine the satisfaction your clients will get from negotiating successfully a larger salary and more benefits like extra vacation and flexible care days to look after their children. This bonus will help them do exactly that!
You will receive a step by step negotiation tool + case histories to benefit from and scripts for your clients

Using LinkedIn as a Secret Weapon

LinkedIn is the social media tool for jobseekers. Guide your clients through developing the best profile to attract employers. As well, you will get word for word scripts you can have your clients use to build their network and get their dream job!
You will receive LinkedIn tips and scripts for your clients to follow up with LinkedIn contacts.

Your choice of payment options:

Job Search Toolkit

…AND my Personal 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


I am SO confident you are going to be delighted when you get your Complete Job Search Toolkit for Coaches. But …I am biased. Why don’t you decide for yourself?

Get your Toolkit today. If you are dissatisfied in any way, I will give you 100% of your money back within 30 days of your purchase and you will get it. No hassles. You have NOTHING to lose. It’s that simple!

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions at [email protected]

I can’t wait to start working together!