7 Steps to Job Searching at 50

Many folks in their 50s may be struggling to reenter the workforce or are feeling stuck in a job that they hate. Does that sound like you? If so, here are seven steps that may open up opportunities to a new career. First impressions It is said that you never have a second chance to create a first impression. That first impression happens when you walk into the place you are interviewing. It starts with how you greet the receptionist, whether it be in person or on the phone. When working for MTI (Metro Training Institute) in Vancouver, BC, our … Continue reading

Why Didn’t I Get The Job? 10 Reasons You May Have Been Overlooked

We’ve all been there. Had a great interview, or maybe two, think we aced everything and then heard nothing. Upon following up we find out that they’ve hired someone else. After high school I remember my daughter Leah interviewing for her first real job. The decision-maker told Leah at the end of the interview that they were 98% sure she had the job. We even went out and bought Leah new work clothes. A week later she heard nothing, then after another week I encouraged her to follow-up. When Leah called the company she was told they went with someone … Continue reading

6 Pitfalls to Avoid With Job References

Your references can make or break if you get the job! Have you ever felt that you landed all the interviews, were asked for references and then…. No job offer. It may have come down to your references. Here are 6 pitfalls that may be getting in the way of your dream job. 1. Forgetting to ask permission Years ago I received a reference check call from a company about a past colleague I had worked with. Sadly, the colleague had not asked me to be his reference and so I was totally caught off guard. I also wasn’t a … Continue reading

Interview Questions that Make You Squirm – Questions Against the Human Rights Act

Have you ever gone to an interview and been asked an interview question that you thought was inappropriate, offensive or possibly even illegal? Sometimes employers in the  job market may ask questions that can make you very uncomfortable. 3 reasons employers ask inappropriate interview questions Employers don’t know better. It may be that the company is small and the interviewer is the owner with no background in HR or specifically recruitment. They may ask questions totally out of ignorance – not malice –  for the Human Rights guidelines. Employers may have had bad experiences in the past and want to … Continue reading

How True Colors Can Help Your Career

True Colors is a personality assessment based on the theory of David Keirsey, Katherine C. Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs-Myers. Katherine and Isabel developed the well-known Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI). They characterized 16 different types of people in MBTI. Over 35 years, Keirsey worked with classifying four different temperament types which he wrote about in his book, “Please Understand Me.” He recognized that people analyze, conceptualize, understand and learn differently, making communication and relationships challenging at times. In 1979, Don Lowry created True Colors, which applies the “type” information from both the Myers-Briggs and Keirsey’s work, to help people … Continue reading

5 Simple Communication Tips to Get Ahead at Work

Poor communication is the number one factor that causes havoc in relationships whether at work, home or with love. Let’s look at some tips to better communication at work. 1. Avoid being passive aggressive – it gets you nowhere! When you have a conflict at work with a team member, no matter what the reason, the worst thing you can do is to complain to your other teammates about the issue. It’s always better to address whatever the issue is directly with the person you are having a conflict with. By going directly to the person you are disgruntled with, … Continue reading

The Secret Sauce in Job Search Success

Every day people looking for work send out resumes and every day many of these people wait and wait and don’t hear back from employers. Then there are others who are job searching that are getting interviews, but don’t get the job. And finally, there are those that get their dream jobs! So what’s the factor that could make a difference? What’s the secret sauce? The secret sauce Follow up! I like to call it the secret sauce because it is the difference between a mediocre burger and a yummy one – or in job search between a so-so job … Continue reading

When is it Okay to Talk Money?

Taylor Byrnes’ social media post went viral when her second interview with a Canadian food delivery company was cancelled after she inquired about compensation and benefits. (The company has since rescinded their interview cancellation). SkipTheDishes said that the questions weren’t in line with their company culture. This incident brings forth the question, When should you bring up salary in the job search process? Before you are interviewed? During the interview process? Or when they make you a job offer? Knowing when and how to bring up the salary talk has been widely debated among career experts, but in my opinion, … Continue reading

Feeling Frazzled by Your Job Search? Here’s Why You Need to Get Organized

The snow is finally gone, the flowers are poking out and aside from cleaning out your closet, it may be time to do some spring cleaning in our day-to-day work as well. In honor of the new spring season, we decided to look at how to maximize your job search success by using simple organization systems. I remember standing in front of one of my job search groups discussing the importance of keeping organized in your job search. In my hand was a restaurant napkin with a note written: Follow-up with Bob Craser about my job interview. Recently I asked … Continue reading

5 Essential Steps for Successful Salary Negotiation

Congratulations, you got the job! Now that you’ve secured the position, it’s time to have the salary talk with your new boss. Not sure how to go about negotiating a fair salary? You’re not alone. Salary negotiation requires planning your approach, researching the compensation and communicating it clearly. When it comes to salary negotiation, it is important to consider the whole compensation package. This includes both tangible and non-tangible benefits. Everything is negotiable. Your best raise comes from when you sign the employment agreement. Spending time assessing your total compensation goal and your worth – what you bring to the … Continue reading