The Reality of Living During a Pandemic – Will You Survive or Thrive?

-Do you sometimes wake up and think this was all a dream?

-Does life feel surreal right now?

-Is it hard to watch the news – and then hard to turn it off?

-Do you forget what day it is?

-Are you experiencing various emotions (and extremes) from crying to laughing to boredom, to being anxious, and then everything in between?

-Do you have screen burnout?

-Do you miss hugs?

-Did you have to cancel travel plans/weddings/graduation parties or other special events?

If you are anything like me these questions may resonate with you. I have experienced all of these – and sometimes all on the same day!

COVID-19 has yanked our reality away and there is a new reality in place. Personally I’ve experienced tears, disappointment and fear. As well as admiration and gratitude. Admiration for those people who are fighting for us in healthcare, taking care of our aged, researching a cure, courageously putting themselves on the line for our lives. I am grateful for those essential workers keeping our economy going whether through transportation of goods, supply chain, e-commerce or construction. And for the frontline workers in grocery stores, drugstores and home improvement. Not to mention the government and sanitation workers, police, fireman, delivery drivers and mail carriers. You know who you are – and I am so grateful and thankful for your dedication and service to keep Canada going.

We have a choice in how we look at things right now. I recognize for some there is less choice. Again I’m so grateful I have a home, family and my husband is still working. As a coach I am honoured to walk with people in this new reality.

In this time where so much is out of our control it is important to remember what we do have control over, and focus on those things. We can choose how we respond, we can take care of ourselves and we can reach out to those who need a hello or a virtual hug.

I am trying to look for opportunity. Opportunity to reach out to those I love and admire. Opportunity to tell people how much they mean to me. Opportunity to slow down and to really be intentional about what I’m doing each day. Opportunity to connect with those I haven’t spoken to for a while.

When this is all over, what do you want to remember most? I want to remember that I was there for those that needed me. That I was a support for those in need, whether it was a caring word, or a listening ear. That I wasn’t afraid to cry or to say I’m not feeling strong today. To be vulnerable, honest and to be present. To connect with love.

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