Saying our goodbyes

Our family and crew Val

The hardest part of leaving is saying goodbye- and then getting off the dock. We have done it!

A few stops have worked out some kinks and found a few new ones! Depth sounder is now installed. Wind instrument no longer works! Hopefully that is temporary.

We stopped in Steveston, Point Roberts and Bellingham for checking in, boat parts and fresh produce. The CBP ROAM app was brilliant for checking into the US.

Today we are entering Juan de Fuca. Feeling those familiar swells. My butterflies are turning to excitement and I had my first good night’s sleep in more than a month! Here we go…

Captain Dave
Crew Cousin Val
First Mate Mary
Point Roberts, Washington
Bellingham, Washington night sky

4 replies on “Saying our goodbyes”

Hi Mary, Dave and Val,
Hope you have a great adventure!! Is Val along for the whole trip? And where are off to? So cool to see you heading out again, marvellous!!

What an adventure, having Val along will be a lot of “firsts” you can enjoy together.
Looking forward to more fabulous sunsets 💗

Kelley and I are watching from Alamos, Sonora Mexico! He remembers meeting you guys for the first time in Chula Vista. If you get to our area of Mexico, we would love for you to spend a few days with us here in Alamos!! We have tons of room. If Leah, Jon and Zephyr are with you, even more fun will be had!! “Que te viaje bien!” Janet and Kelley Hale

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