Intention + Focus = Results

Have you ever noticed that when you get a dog or a new car that all of a sudden you notice them more? When we bought our Golden Retriever suddenly everywhere I went I saw Golden Retrievers. Where were these Goldens before? Was there suddenly a huge increase in the breeding of Golden Retrievers, and everyone had one? Of course not, it was just now my attention was pulled to that type of dog. Looking to buy a new car? Maybe it’s a Volkswagon bug. Your attention will refocus and you will start to notice all the other cute bugs out there.  Just became pregnant? Bingo you will now notice all the other pregnant women around you. You start to notice the things you put your attention on. These things were there all the time, but you just didn’t see them.

I call this “putting it on the radar”. There’s a part of our brains called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). The RAS filters through our subconscious brain millions –actually about 11 million data bits – of information every second! And yet our conscious brain can only process about 40 bits of info per second.

Everything we hear, see, feel and experience daily goes into our subconscious. The RAS tells us to focus on particular information. Part of its job is to filter all this information from our subconscious. Where we choose to focus can change our thinking, intentions and results, and affect all areas of our life.

So what can this knowledge do for us? If you are a coach and you make a conscious choice to focus on one aspect of your coaching business, your brain will get that message. Say for instance you want to have 5 new clients in the next month. By writing down your goal where you can see it every day, your brain starts to believe it is a reality and results will happen. My business coach likes to call it “Measure what you treasure.” All of a sudden your intention is on growing your business, and you are tracking specific goals to see the results.  You are telling the RAS in your brain that these goals are important. Your RAS tells your unconscious mind to filter the info – in this case your goals – and move the info to your conscious mind.

One way activate your conscious mind is to choose a goal or two, write them down and then look at them at least once a day. I actually recommend looking at them twice a day – first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. Say it out loud – don’t just read it. Then track where you are with your goal. For instance as a coach you might choose to track your client base and the growth you want.  You could record:  “5 clients in the next month.” Then track your progress and record your growing clientele beside the “5”. Now watch the results. Business owners – what’s important for you to focus on?

Job seekers can apply the same principals. For example, by focussing on wanting a job in the hospitality industry, all of a sudden you will see help wanted signs everywhere, articles about that new hotel being built, or maybe a newscast with expansion plans for a restaurant chain. All this information can help you move forward with your goal of  working in that industry. Your radar is now alerted to everything in the hospitality industry and your brain will register that and lead you there.

So what do you want your brain to filter; what’s on your radar? Whether you are a coach, jobseeker, business owner, or someone wanting change in your life, try this out. Purposely focus on what you really want, then watch as you achieve results you’ve only dreamed of.

For more details on how to set your intention and focus on the companies you really want to work for contact Mary via email: [email protected]