Tapping into the Hidden Job Market – a Targeted Job Search

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”  –  Henry Ford

So how do you look for work? Most people involved in a career/job search look at websites, social media and even the old classified ads for jobs. Because most people conduct their job search this way the competition is fierce and results are not always that great.

What if there was a better way to increase your results and get those job interviews?

What if instead of the ads dictating where the jobs were, you targeted where you want to work and stood out from the competition?

There is a better way! Check out these steps below:

Where Do you Want to Work? Consider where you want to work. How do you do that? Do your research. Think about the industry you would like to work in. Are you a corporate gal, or more of a grassroots person, or do you want to give back – maybe a non-profit? Talk to people in places you would like to work or even begin your career.

Start Your Leads List. What’s that? It’s a list of companies/organisations that you are interested in. Along with contact information of the decision makers. Hint: that’s not the HR department.

Time for Research. Head to the web and yes, even the library. Check out the business section of the library and look at their databases, publications – Business in Vancouver is a great resource, so are the business sections in the newspapers, check out annual reports – if the company publicly trades, and even the yellow pages. Look at what companies are expanding, what’s the latest and greatest.

Build That List. Now that you have company names, do your research – take a look at what the company is about, see if you can find a decision-maker’s name.

Reach out to Employers. From your leads list start to make calls. Talk to the people who make the decisions – that’s the CEO’s, Executive Directors and Managers.

Ask for the Interview! The goal is to get face-to-face with the decision-maker.

For more details on how to tap the hidden job market and focus on the companies you really want to work for contact Mary via email: [email protected]